Bigg Boss 7 Grand Finale & Winner Name Announcement

Bigg Boss 7 Grand Finale & Winner Name Announcement :- Bigg Boss season 7 is becoming very popular and interesting among the all other television shows this only show is able to give a tough competition to kapil Sharma show “Comedy Nights With Kapil”.Yes, this year Amitabh Bachchan show “Kaun Banega Crorepati” is not able to gain much trp just because of these two television shows.One of the major reason behind the success of Salman’s show Bigg Boss is “It have all the spicy gossips,funny moments and also cute love stories between the participants”. Which make this show familiar.Each and every member of a family have reasons for liking this show.
Some of the audience are saying that “We are get to learn a lot of things like, how we come to know about the original story behind a person and what type of person he /she is.The most interesting thing which we learnt that how we have to behave with different personalities persons”.

Bigg Boss 7 Grand Finale & Winner Name Announcement

Bigg Boss 7 Grand Finale & Winner Name Announcement

Bigg Boss 7 Participants :- 

1). Tanisha Mukherjee :- She is 35 years old and she is a famous actress in hindi,marathi,bengali and tamil movies.She has a big fan following and many people likes to see her in this show.

2). VJ Andy :- He is like a complete man.He is very talented and he has the talent that how to speak and do proper conversations with different types of people.He is 32 in age and he already famous as a host on many popular show of MTV channel and V channel.

3). Ratan Rajput :- She is not yet popular among her audience but still she has a healthy fan following and done roles in some hit movies of south and Hindi.She is 22 years old at present.

4). Gauhar Khan :- She is very beautiful and an interesting girl.She is a television actress but she is popular among audience.These days she is looking as heart breaking girl in the house.As, two hot participants wants her with them.She is now 30 years old at present but still looks as one of the beautiful girl of the television industry.

5). Shilpa Sakhlani :- She is also an actress but unfortunately she does not able to become a big actress of this industry.She is now  31 years old.She performed good in the Bigg Boss Season 7.

6). Apoorva Agnihotri :- An another actress of the town.She is 40 years in age.She is a relative of Shilpa Sakhlani an another participant of Bigg Boss Season 7.

7). Kamya Punjabi :- She is 35 year old and she is famous television actress.Her audience likes her to see on television screen.

8). Hazel Keech :- She is forner.She has citizenship of Britain and she is an actress there and model.These days she is working in India.She is 25 years old.

9). Kushal Tandon :-  First he works as model in India and later on he becomes a television actor.

10). Sofia Hayat :- She is british actress and singer.Well, these days she loves working on Indian projects her in India.She is 28 years old at present.

11). Sangram Singh :- He is a wrestler and he is already scenes in some other television shows.

12 ). Ajaz Khan :- He is a full time actor.

They are the famous and talented participants of this season, which are able to their identity among remaining 7-8 participants of the shows which are already eliminated.

At, present Big Boss have 6 remaining participants and competition among them, is becoming very high and high.

Salman’s Performance In Season 7 As Host :- Well, we know that it is not good to comment on the work of Salman Khan as, he always work hard to be best in his all works and projects.But as his fans are always interested to know new information about Salman Khan.So, here we are telling you that He is doing a fantastic job.Some moments he show’s his commonsense for solving the arguments amongst the participants and audience is also liking his performance.Yah, we got some news according to which have some issues with makers of Bigg Boss season 7.We also got rumors that Salman Khan will not going to host Bigg Boss season 8.But some people who are close to Salman denied this rumors and they said these are just fake info.

Bigg Boss 7 Grand Finale & Winner Name Announcement

Bigg Boss 7 Grand Finale & Winner Name Announcement

Well, Salman Khan used this for increasing his friendship with Aamir Khan.As, you all know that Aamir Khan is busy these days in promoting his upcoming movie Dhoom 3.So, he requested to Salman to wear his Dhoom 3 cap on his show and Salman khan does that and also said few interesting lines  about this movie.For that Aamir thanks him in front of complete media in an interview.

Bigg Boss 7 Grand Finale :- Now, we are coming to the Grand Finale of Bigg Boss season 7.As, we all know that fan following of Big Boss 7 is increasing day by day.So, then you can imagine that how much big this will gonna be on Grand Finale.the makers of Bigg Boss are working hard for grand finale of this season.Even Salman Khan will gonna perform a special performance on this event.He already started practising for his performance.

At, the end of that Grand Finale ceremony you will come to know about the winner of the Bigg Boss season 7.This time no body knows that who will gonna win this season.Everything is changing the competition among the participants is increasing day by day.Especially between Andy,Gauhar,Sangram and Kamya.Sangram already wins the ticket to Grand Finale.

According to the audience point of view the winner of Bigg Boss Season 7 is going to among the Sangram,Andy Gauhar,Ajaz.So, now we have to just wait and enjoy the interesting things which are happening in the house of Bigg Boss and wait until the announcement of the Season 7 winner in not done.May be at the end of this show we will get something more interesting to watch.As, only three-four weeks are remaining of this show and after that you will able to meet these contestants out of the house on the grand finale stage and their all they will share their feelings and moments which they live & feel in the house of Bigg Boss.The special part what they learnt with the people and the athmosphere of the house.


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